Winter Travel Destination for 2016

Snow, holidays, marshmallows, Christmas, hot amber – so abounding images ample my arch as I anticipate of winter. For abounding people, winter is a time to break central and apprehend books, but for chance lovers like me, it is addition agitative befalling to adventure into the world.

If there’s a one destination that’s abounding of winter abracadabra again it is Vilnius, Lithuania.

Lithuania is a baby Baltic country in arctic Europe. Vilnius, it’s capita, is one of Europe’s oldest medieval cities! It’s Old Town is a UNESCO Apple Heritage website as it contains about two thousand medieval and gothic buildings!

Here are a few things to do in adorable Vilnius this winter:

1. Old Town:

One of Europe’s longest actual medieval towns has so abounding barrio and galleries cat-and-mouse to be explored. In this melting pot of altered architectural styles, you’ll see gothic, renaissance, bizarre and neoclassical barrio continuing ancillary by ancillary – a appearance that will yield your animation away. With its agee alleyways, asphalt streets, endless cafes and awash artery market, you’ll acquisition yourself calmly spending a day or two exploring this celebrated center.

2. Soviet Bunker:

If you’re absorbed in added contempo history again Vilnius is just the abode for you to reside beneath Soviet rule! Visitors are taken to a backwoods area they’re “ambushed” by associates of the Red Army. Captured and blindfolded, the prisoners are again taken to a bunker, 19ft beneath ground, area they’re Soviet prisoners for three hours! This is “1984: Survival Drama In A Soviet Bunker” – a three hour long, interactive, apparent affected acquaintance in a absolute Soviet alembic in the average of the Lithuanian forest! Complete with KGB officers, absolute dogs and blindfolds, this is a hit with tourists!

3. Alcazar Of The Grand Duke Of Lithuania:

This huge aflame white palace, sitting in the average of Vilnius, was aboriginal complete during the 15th century. It flourished during the 16th and 17th centuries but was burst in 1801. Reconstruction plan started in 2002 and the alcazar was opened in 2009. It was clearly accessible to the accessible in 2013. Serving as the civic museum, its exhibits are affluent with Lithuanian history from the Average Ages and onwards. As snow clings to the alcazar during the winter, it makes for a amazing backdrop.

4. Gediminas’ Tower:

It is the alone actual allotment of the Upper Alcazar in Vilnius. Legend has it that already aloft a time, the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas was hunting in the dupe if he got annoyed and retired for a nap. He had a dream of a ample wolf continuing on top of a acropolis and bawl out loud. The dream was interpreted to beggarly that a city-limits should be congenital in that place. Gediminas again went on to body Vilnius and he put a alcazar in the centermost of the city. Today, Gediminas Tower is the alone allotment of the alcazar that charcoal standing. It has become an important celebrated attribute of the Vilnius and Lithuania.

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